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8 Things Your Bot Should Do to Make Customers Smile

There’s no need to download a new app for every service. You can chat with your friends, order food, get a ride with Uber, and transfer money, all without leaving your favorite messaging app. Chatbots are conversational—no need to learn a new interface or navigate complex menus.

Chatbots are casual yet useful—just what millennials seem to like. And they are available to serve millions of customers 24/7—a perfect fit for companies that want to deliver instant customer service while cutting costs.

And bots can run on popular messaging platforms that have billions of uses – over 33,000 bots are now running in Facebook Messenger. But not all is rosy in chatbot kingdom. Examples of poorly designed bots are easy to find, even among the highest profile ones. Many of them will make you shrug at their lack of effectiveness or even lough out loud when you witness their clumsy responses.

While bots are new and will take time to mature, there are several key requirements they must be able to accomplish in order to be seen as useful and trusted by customers when it comes to their finances.


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