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Another ‘first’ from QNB Finansbank

The time has come for international money transfers via Western Union® services on QNB Finansbank Mobile Branch.

Introducing innovative banking applications and continuously updating investments in technological infrastructure to maximize clients’ convenience, QNB Finansbank has added the Western Union® Money TransferSM service to the list of Mobile Branch transactions. A first in Turkey, this application will make money transfers all around the world much simpler and faster.

QNB Finansbank is now going mobile for international money transfers with Western Union. The Western Union Money Transfer service will be first available on mobile banking in Turkey, thanks to QNB Finansbank Mobile Branch.

This innovation will enable QNB Finansbank customers to send and receive money via the Western Union Money Transfer service via their mobile phones to more than 200 countries and territories* and over 550,000 agents locations* around the globe.

Emphasizing Western Union’s role in simplifying money transfers for foreigners, visitors, students, expat employees and those who frequently travel abroad, Executive Vice President for IT, Operations, Channels and Business Development Mehmed Kürşad Demirkol said Western Union service is now available to individual users at any time via QNB Finansbank Mobile Branch. He continued:

“At QNB Finansbank, we always seek solutions that fit our clients’ pace of life. This is why new collaborations, innovation, and advancement in technological applications have paramount importance. Working together with Western Union, an institution that enables international money transfers, and launching this application for the first time in Turkey is a result of this pursuit. The world is now getting much smaller. You may be residing overseas and want to send money to your family in Turkey, or you may want to send pocket money to your child studying abroad. You will now be able to perform all these transactions via Western Union® service on QNB Finansbank Mobile Branch, without having to visit a branch. QNB Finansbank Mobile Branch users will just need to open their mobile branch in order to transfer money via Western Union service or transfer received payments to their account. QNB Finansbank continues to offer everyone, whether a customer or not, Western Union services at our 600 branches. With this new channel, we are helping our customers to avoid the hassle of visiting a branch.”
Supported by Android and iOS cell phones, the application will enable transactions via Western Union services on a 24/7 basis, Demirkol added.

*Network Data as of March 31, 2017.

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