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“Eight is great” Slogan and Wells Fargo Account Scandal

On September 8, 2016, Wells Fargo announced that it was paying $185 million in fines to Los Angeles city and federal regulators to settle allegations that its employees created millions of fake bank accounts for customers. The fraud appears to have stemmed from CEO John Stumpf’s mantra to employees: “eight …

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Hackers Using Fake Cellphone Towers to Spread Android Banking Trojan

Chinese Hackers have taken Smishing attack to the next level, using rogue cell phone towers to distribute Android banking malware via spoofed SMS messages. SMiShing — phishing attacks sent via SMS — is a type of attack wherein fraudsters use number spoofing attack to send convincing bogus messages to trick …

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Fraud : Credit Card Loss Protection Insurance Phone Scams

An old method but it continues. One company, offering credit card loss insurance, calls consumers and using scare tactics or misrepresentation says: they are a representative of your credit card company such as VISA or MasterCard; that you must have credit card protection; that they need to verify your credit …

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